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List of benefits you will have when you join VIP LX:
- Fast Download Movies, DVDs of all kinds: asian, european... with more than 120GB and updated often.
- Quality DVDs, Movies selected by MOD, SMOD
- You can request the movies then we upload to VIP server for you

How to you join VIP LX: 2 Options
Option 1: Donate 10$/month using Visa, Master, American express... via Paypal. To join now please click link below donate via Paypal, 100% secured.Join VIP LX Now



Option 2: If you are a member of LX for at least 3 months and continously contribute quality posts to LX. You can have free VIP.

*Note: We now only accept donation using Paypal, credit card via Paypal to email: [email protected]
-1 Month VIP = $10 USD
-2 Month VIP = $20 USD

- Lifetime VIP = $50 USD -- One time payment, never expire.

If you have any question please contract us at:
We will be more than happy to answer and help.

Thank you.

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