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PRELUDE: The year is 2109 AD and much has occurred during the 21st Century with most of it not being good. With the fall of AfPak (Afghanistan and Pakistan) to radical Islamists they then had nuclear weapons in their possession. They gladly shared the technology and facilities with Iran allowing Iran to jump ahead years in their development of nuclear weapons. Along with this North Korea also gladly sold technology and enriched uranium to Pakistan and Iran while Iran supplied them with missile technology they purchased legally and illegally from various countries.

With all of this the UN Security Council reacted with their usual toothless inefficiency with non-binding UN sanctions, that is when Russia and/or the People’s Republic of China didn’t veto them. After all, neither China nor Russia thought they had anything to fear since the Islamists were focused on the western nations ignoring their own Islamic separatists. Soon the horrible day came when smuggled nuclear weapons were set off in Israel by military sites and the Israeli retaliation that set all the Arab capitals and Tehran aflame with nuclear retaliation. Shortly after Europe and the U.S. condemned the attack on Israel along with the Israeli retaliation the madness started. In Europe the Islamic populations rose in protest over the condemnation of the attack on Israel ignoring the fact that Israeli’s retaliation was also condemned.

In short order terrorist attacks, especially suicide attacks, quickly spread in Europe then came several nuclear attacks with briefcase nukes in Europe. Some of these attacks were by NATO military bases while others were on government buildings. This caused the halt of aid to the Middle East and Israel from Europe since they were now dealing with their own disaster. The U.S. was stretched thin with their military trying to provide humanitarian assistance to Europe, the Middle East, and Israel. It was further stretched when a smuggled nuclear weapon that was smuggled into the Muslim community in Latin America for use against the U.S. accidentally went off.

When this happened the U.S. closed their southern borders and called up the National Guard to help seal the borders to try and to prevent the smuggling of nuclear weapons into the U.S. It was during this time that North Korea decided to make their move since they thought the U.S. would be to occupied to retaliate and wouldn’t dare use nuclear weapons with the outrage that was spreading throughout the world. With their total mismanagement of their agricultural and continuing drought even their military was starving yet the North Korean government still refused assistance from other countries fearing their people finding out how much better off most of the world was compared to them. The attack on prosperous South Korea was led by limited nuclear attacks on military bases in South Korea along with the launching of short ranged nuclear missiles against military bases in Japan, both U.S. and Japanese, along with a dozen of their newly developed nuclear ICBM’s against Hawaii, Alaska, and the West Coast of the U.S. Only a half dozen of these ICBM’s actually reached land but they were enough to cause massive U.S. casualties. It didn’t take long for North Korea to cease to exist as the U.S. did limited nuclear retaliation and the U.S. and Japan did all out conventional retaliation.

During this time Russia and China provided humanitarian assistance to Europe, the Middle East, and Israel figuring they would come out unscathed except for some diluted nuclear fallout as it spread over the world. They saw this as their opportunity to surpass the U.S. as the dominant powers until they too were hit by Islamic extremists with smuggled nuclear weapons, Red Square and Tiananmen Square became history. Chechnya was nuked out of existence by Russia and major Islamic population centers in Xinjiang were nuked by China, which resulted in major revolts breaking out in China. At first the People’s Liberation Army brutally began to put down the revolts but rebelled against the government as the revolts spread refusing to kill anymore of their own citizens. This led to the first tentative steps toward democracy in China while in Russia the people demanded even more democracy and an end to the blatant corruption.

While all of this was occurring the tribal and religious conflicts in Africa exploded into all out war. With the rest of the world busy with their own disasters no efforts were made to stop these conflicts. The deaths from this in Africa made the 1994 Rwandan Genocide seem like nothing and the killings just continued.

Then, at what was thought by the world to be another ineffectual UN meeting, which might lead to World War III as all the countries started to fight for the limited resources something even more shocking occurred. A message was put out by the U.S., Canada, most of Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia, and the major Latin American countries; they had decided to disband the UN and form a new world body, the United Earth. The UE would be a democratic world government made up of democratic nations in which resources, knowledge, wealth, and technology would be freely shared among member nations and human rights honored. There would also be a true, Earth Military that would be used to assist in disasters, protect the weak, and, if necessary, brutally put down regional wars to restore peace and install democracy if necessary. Those that would not join would be blockaded and isolated until they did.

At this point something truly amazing and unexpected happened, humanity rose to the challenge! Many nations gladly joined while others were intimidated into becoming democracies and joining. China looked to the Republic of China, better known as Taiwan, to help guide them into forming a democratic nation and the two China’s became one, democratic China which gladly joined the UE. At the same time an Islamic leader arose who united all of Islam and was seen as a prophet, the first since Muhammad who was originally seen as the final prophet, which caused some controversy and battle among the Muslims for a short while. He preached tolerance, equality, education, and against extremists who were quickly silenced and disappeared into the pages of history. The last few regions that remained at war did find out the UE was not bluffing about using their military power to put down their violence and UE governors were installed to guide the nations to democracy as had been done at the end of World War II to the Axis Powers that fell under the control of the Western Allies.

Though food shortages were quickly resolved with current technology and clean abundant water supplies soon afterwards energy was still a major problem. Many of the Earth’s oil fields were now nuclear wastelands and desperate attempts were being made to find alternate energy sources. Solar, nuclear, geothermal, and others were all explored but still couldn’t supply the power needs of the Earth. Then, at a joint UE research facility the discovery was made; cold fusion! The technology to make it turned out to be so simple and within a few years Earth’s energy needs were being met.

Still, Earth’s natural resources were still in short supply despite attempts to reclaim radiated land. Despite the best efforts there was no way to currently decontaminate the land. With the discovery of cold fusion space travel within the solar system became much easier and quicker leading to the forming of the United Earth Space Administration. Soon, the UESA had bases set up on various planets and moons in the solar system mining resources and the UESA continued to work on more efficient space travel. Something that was thought scientifically impossible occurred, FTL (Faster Than Light) travel was discovered! Now humanity was going out amongst the stars. Though plenty of animal alien life forms had been discovered humans had still not yet met any intelligent alien life forms though they had recently come across signs that indicated that an ancient highly advanced civilization had once existed many centuries ago.

Within 15 years of this discovery, other than the radiated wastelands and the low level radiation that traveled through Earth’s atmosphere that was slowly dissipating, humanity’s problems seemed to be solved. Though science hadn’t found a way to rid the Earth of the radiation their efforts had led to the beginning development steps of terraforming. Humanity was now traveling to other solar systems finding plenty of natural resources along with Class M worlds to colonize. The UE was working on a reformulating the UE Constitution to take into account the colonies and give them equal representation in the government. At the dawn of the 22nd Century it appeared that humanity was entering a golden age.

What no one realized at the time was despite the best efforts of the UESA an unknown virus was brought back from somewhere in space. The virus would’ve normally been relatively harmless but the radiation in the atmosphere brought about a mutation of the virus. Once it was discovered an antiviral drug was quickly developed and the virus was eliminated but, by then it was too late, it had spread throughout Earth and all the planets and moons that had been colonized. This virus had caused the sterilization of every human male!

The population started to panic but the government kept things calm by announcing all scientific efforts would be made to discover a way to counter this and preserve the human race. The first efforts of solving it by in vitro fertilisation and parthenogenesis failed. It appeared the virus prevented embryos from development by parthenogensis despite it having been done successfully before the virus appeared. The same was true for in vitro fertilisation, the sperm from sperm banks wouldn’t fertilize the eggs. It appeared that the damage done by the virus would only allow fertilazation by sex. The government assured the people that they would explore the various systems and find a resolution for this disaster.

Sarah wondered where exactly she was while she adjusted her glasses as the aircraft took her to her destination. They had picked her up at a military airfield in the aircraft with blacked out windows and had been flying for several hours now. As far as Sarah knew she could still be in the U.S. or some other country. She could actually be within hundred miles from where she had lived at before she took this job. One of the few things she knew was that the location was classified higher than Top Secret.

That was one of the reasons she had been offered this job. The beautiful twenty-six year old nurse had come into the UE Army at eightteen years old as an enlisted soldier and been assigned to intelligence for her four year hitch. She had received a Top Secret compartmented security clearance in the Army. During her time she had taken a lot of night classes and correspondence courses so she had all her lower level classes done when her hitch was up and went to college to finish her last two years of school to get her RN certification.

Once she had graduated she was hired by the government to work at a classified medical research facility because of her clearance, which was still active with the government. For the last two years she had worked there till she was approached about taking a new nursing job with the government for a two-year period with the possibility for further extensions. The pay was phenomenal but there was a reason for that, the conditions of employment were rather extreme. They wouldn’t tell her where the facility was located at or what she’d be working on just that it was highly important; she would not be allowed to have any communication with her family, friends, and the outside world while there; she could bring some of her possessions with her as long as there was no way of identifying her from it (all other of her possessions were put into government storage till she left this assignment); she would only be allowed to use her first name and not disclose her last name; though the pay was astounding she wouldn’t be able to use it till she left the assignment (all her needs would be provided for by the government while at the facility), and other restrictions.

When offered the job she told the recruiters she’d need a week or two to think about it. They told her they had no problem with that and completely understood and would be back to talk to her in two weeks. Of course Sarah strongly suspected the job would be something dealing with trying to resolve this crisis of no human reproduction occurring especially since they told her she’d be working with top personnel in the medical and scientific field. After talking with he parents and sister Sarah decided to take on the job. After all, the pay was too good to pass up and it appeared she’d be working on a project to save the human race.

The two weeks passed and when the recruiters returned she told them yes. It amazed her how quickly things happened, they were read for her to say yes. The research facility she worked at was immediately notified that Sarah was being transferred. They took her to a military facility where she signed the documents and was read into a new compartmented program for her clearance that she signed the nondisclosure statement for. Once that was done she was immediately whisked to her apartment where a packing crew was waiting for her and the recruiters. Sarah chose what she wanted to be sent to where she was going and the recruiters checked over the items to make certain there was no way to identify her by the items. Once they had cleared the items they were packed and sent off in a vehicle while everything else was packed up to be shipped off in another vehicle to be put in storage. Sarah was then taken back to the military base where she was given a few hours to call her family and friends to say goodbye. It was a shock to all of them how quickly this was happening. Everyone had assumed it would take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months not one day. The next thing she knew she was on this VSTOL aircraft flying to wherever it was she was going.

“Make sure you’re strapped in ma’am. We’re going to be landing in a few minutes.” the pilot announced over the intercom from the cockpit.

“Finally.” Sarah thought as she checked to make certain her seatbelt and harnesses were secured.

She could feel the aircraft touching down and the pilot telling her to unbuckle and exit the craft. One of the side doors slid open and the ramp drop down so she could exit the aircraft and Sarah saw it was night wherever she was. Standing up Sarah’s physical attributes finally came into full view as the pilot and his copilot enjoyed the view of her on the video screen in the cockpit that was used to monitor the passenger compartment. She stood around 5’7”, had lovely long amber hair that came down nearly eight inches past the top of her shoulders, blue eyes, a wonderfully cute ass, and slightly smaller than average but still sweet looking set of boobs. For this flight she was wearing a maroon sweatshirt, brown cargo pants, and a pair of sneakers.
It took only a few moments for her to exit the aircraft. Waiting for her by the ramp were two soldiers in camouflaged uniforms and armed, both had holstered pistols and one was carrying a rifle. As Sarah looked at them she noticed both were females. As she got off the ramp she then saw one of them was a major and the other a sergeant but the strange thing was their nametags. Each of them had the “U.E. Army” tag above the left breast pocket but above the right breast pocket it wasn’t the normal last name. Instead, the major had “Nancy 1” and the sergeant had “Jennifer 4” on the nametags.

“This way ma’am.” the major said to Sarah.

They quickly guided Sarah away from the aircraft towards a building. As they got a slight distance away from the aircraft it took off and flew away. Sarah had only a quick chance to look around as they guided her to the building. They were crossing a large landing strip on an apparent military base. There was a triple security fence with concertina wire on the top of each fence and on the ground on either side of the second fence that apparently encircled the entire base. At intervals all around the fence line were guard towers plus guard towers at other locations on the base. She was surprised at how few buildings there were on the base though. The building she was being hustled to appeared to be a large hangar building, one of three that she could see. There also appeared to be a couple of barracks, a large mess hall, a large gym, and a medical facility from what she could see before they entered a door on the hangar into a room.

“We need to verify you are who we’re expecting ma’am and that you’re not carrying any contraband.” the major said. “Please step up to the scanners and sensors.”

Stepping though the sensors they cleared that she had no contraband then Sarah walked to the scanners. She saw they were taking no chances, there were two scanners to scan both hands and two retina scanners for both of her eyes. Once she did those scans they apparently were satisfied that Sarah was who she was supposed to be.

‘Thank you Sarah.” the major said. “This way please.”

The three of them walked towards a door that had a security booth next to it. The major signaled to the soldier inside the booth and Sarah could hear the door unlock. They went through the door into a hallway towards an elevator. Sarah suddenly realized all the soldiers working in the room they had just passed through were females as well. She went to ask the major a question but the major said she wasn’t authorized to tell Sarah anything and all of Sarah’s questions would be answered by Sarah’s new supervisor.

Entering the elevator Sarah noticed there was only one button for a floor. The sergeant pushed the button and the elevator started down. It seemed to take forever for it to stop and Sarah could feel her ears popping from the change in altitude.

“Good God, how far down are we going?” Sarah wondered to herself.

Finally the elevator stopped and the doors opened to another hallway. There was a woman waiting for them in the hallway by the elevator doors. The woman looked to be around an inch shorter than Sarah, had red hair that partially hung down into her face and the rest was done up in a bun held in place by two wooden bun pins, she had blue eyes, her boobs were slightly smaller than Sarah’s, had a nice ass, and looked to be in her early thirties (she was thirty-three). She had on a light gray pull over dress that reminded Sarah almost of prison dresses that came down to just above her knees, a pair of white sneakers, and a white lab coat. On the left of the lab coat was a gold color nametag with black lettering that said “Nikki, MD”.

“Thank you major, I’ll take it from here.” Nikki said and Sarah realized from her accent that Nikki was from a Slavic country.

“Yes ma’am.” the major said as she pushed the button and the major and the sergeant disappeared behind the closing doors of the elevator and headed back up.

“Hi, I’m Nikki.” Nikki said to Sarah.

“Hi, I’m Sarah B…” Sarah began to say with Nikki cutting her off.

“Remember, no last names!” Nikki said dutifully.

“Right, sorry. I forgot.” Sarah said rather embarrassedly.

“It’s all right Sarah. We all had the same problem initially.” Nikki said. “I know you have so many questions you want to ask but we first need to get you settled in.”

“Wait, I know you.” Sarah said as she recognized Nikki.

“No you don’t! You don’t know anyone here!” Nikki snapped. “You might think you do but you don’t. You’ve probably already guessed but this is one of the projects trying to resolve the coming extinction of the human race. It’s quite controversial what we’re doing and the government wants to keep it quiet and not have anyone be easily associated with it.”

Again Sarah apologized and Nikki said it was okay. It would just be one of things Sarah would have to get use to. Sarah did know who Nikki was, anyone in the medical or medical research field couldn’t help but know who she was. She was considered Earth’s most eminent scientist/doctor when it came to DNA and RNA and one of the most brilliant minds of the human race. By twenty she had acquired three PhDs in the medical and scientific field and had earned several more since then. The recruiters weren’t kidding when they told Sarah she’d be working with some of the top people in scientific and medical fields. Sarah knew she’d learn a lot here which would be a great benefit to her career.

As they walked towards the door Nikki was giving Sarah a brief overview. She handed her a keycard telling Sarah that it would get her into her quarters and all the restricted rooms. Sarah would be one of the personnel at the facility that had full access but she needed to log in and out of all of the rooms with the keycard for security reasons. Of course the dining facility, recreational areas, botanical garden, library, sunroom, and other common areas she didn’t need to. Nikki said everyone was free to leave the underground facility for the surface but the security procedures made it a take a while and a nuisance plus they were usually so busy which is why they had the botanical garden and sunroom, it was just easier. Everyone was required though to go to the surface once a week for an hour, which was worked into everyone’s schedule.

They both keyed the door, which slid open and entered into another hallway. The hallways and rooms down there were all concrete with metal doors and Sarah thought it looked rather Spartan. As they walked by the doors she saw there were people’s names on the doors. Nikki told her these were everyone’s quarters and the common areas. They stopped at one door and Sarah saw the name on it, “Sarah, RN”.

“This is your quarters Sarah.” Nikki said to her. “Go ahead and clean up and get somewhat settled in. Two hours from now is a staff meeting that everyone will be at and you need to be there. Just follow the green line on the floor and it’ll take you to the conference room. I’ll introduce you to the rest of the staff and we’ll try to answer all your questions. Afterwards you can come back here and finish settling in and get some sleep then we’ll start you working tomorrow. Oh, there’ll be a folder on the desk that has a lot of info about where everything is down here and other info. Also, what I’m wearing is the work uniform. You’ll find these in your closet. You can wear whatever shoes you want though most of the time. Don’t worry, you’ll pick up on this quickly.”

“Nikki, real quick. How did I get chosen for this? Was it my clearance?” Sarah asked.

“That was part of it Sarah.” Nikki responded as she started to walk away. “But the work you were doing showed some really good potential for you.”

Sarah keyed the door and entered when it slid open. She was shocked by what greeted her. From what she saw in the hallway and her experience with barracks in the Army she had thought her quarters would be very plain and barren. They were anything like that, it was quite luxurious what greeted her. It wasn’t one room but several. She walked into a living room with a comfortable looking sofa and chair along with a full entertainment center, which had access to a vast movie library and every channel plus a vast music collection. There was a den that was set up as an office, a bedroom with a king size bed, a bathroom, which had a full size tub plus a separate shower and a Jacuzzi, and a small kitchenette/dining area. The stuff she had shipped here was already put away, there were books and magazines that were on the shelf in the den that she enjoyed reading, and in her closet were the clothes she had sent here along with several sets of uniforms and other clothes that she liked along with several sets of shoes plus a couple of nametags like Nikki’s but these said “Sarah, RN”. It made her wonder if the government knew all this about her what else did they know about her? Of course the government had done a thorough background investigation on her before they offered her this position like they had done with everyone working at this facility.

“I’ve got to try out this shower!” Sarah thought as she looked in the bathroom. “Besides, I could use a shower after that long trip.”

The shower just wasn’t a normal shower, it was a fancy stall with multiple pulsating heads, which could produce steam and body spray. Sarah quickly undressed and threw her clothes into the laundry hamper and put her shoes in the closet. Turning on the shower, adjusting the temperature, and turning on the steam she entered the stall with the steam and letting the water hit her nude body. It cascaded from her head down her body over her sweet boobs, down her tight abs and her back to her cleanly shaven pussy and cute ass, and rolled down her luscious legs to the floor of the stall into the drain. Stepping out of the path of the water but still in the steam Sarah soaped up every portion of her body and lathered up her hair before stepping back into the spray of the shower. Again she let the water cascade down her body as she turned in a complete 360 slowly letting the water rinse off every part of her body.

Once she had completely rinsed all of the soap off of her body, Sarah turned off the shower and reached for a towel as droplets of water slid down her body. Drying off her body she stepped out of the stall wrapping the towel around her body and went to the medicine cabinet where there was a hair dryer unit built into the wall next to it. Sarah then proceeded to dry her hair and when it was finally done walked back into the bedroom. Grabbing her glasses, she sat down on a chair in front of the dressing table she brushed her hair using the dressing mirror. When she finished that Sarah grabbed a dress, lab coat, and a pair of white tennis shoes out of the closet setting them on the bed and floor by the bed. She hung the towel back up in the bathroom and walked nude back into the bedroom.

“I’m almost afraid to look in the dresser.” Sarah thought as she opened up the drawers.

After all, they seemed to know everything about her so she expected to find bras and panties in her size and the type she liked in the drawers. Sure enough her suspicions were true, everything in the drawer from socks to bras were in her size ad the type she wore. She reached in and pulled out a plain white pair of panties and bra plus a garter. Over the last decade garters had come back into style though no one really could identify when it actually became a trend, it just suddenly did. Sarah slipped on the panties and the garter she slid onto her right leg then she put on her bra. Then she finished getting dressed and put the nametag on her lab coat then walked out to the living room to grab the info folder then went to the kitchenette.

“Okay, this is getting really creepy.” Sarah muttered as she looked in the fridge and cupboards, all the drinks and food she liked where there.

Grabbing a soda from the fridge she sat down at the dining room table and started glancing though the folder. They showed her where the laundry room was at (and she was happy to see they had figured out there should be twice the number of dryers to washers since it took longer to dry clothes than wash them), the dining facility, sunroom, botanical garden, and other places. There was an explanation to the colored lines on the floor and where they led. The hours for the dining facility were listed and Sarah cringed at the thought of eating Army food again since the kitchenette had just snacks and light meals. The main meals were cooked at the mess hall above ground and sent by dumbwaiter to the dining facility when someone called for a meal. What she didn’t realize was this wasn’t standard Army chow, it was top quality food and the cooks weren’t standard Army cooks. They had all been to the premier cook and baking school in the military that usually provided the cooks and bakers for the flag officers.

“You’re meeting is in fifteen minutes.” an automated voice chimed from the speakers located throughout her quarters startling Sarah.

“Well, that’s a handy function.” Sarah thought as she finished up her soda and got ready to leave.

Heading out of her quarters she followed the green line to the security door and keyed herself in. Walking though the door into the hallway she saw a logo up on the wall and on the doors. The logos on the walls were a light gray while the ones on the door were black with black lettering beneath them saying what the room was. The logo itself was a circle with a slight point at the two o’clock position. Inside the circumference of the circle were capitalized letters stating “PRESERVO HOMINIS – H.G.P.P.” along with another circle. This circle was solid inside with an arrow pointing into the point of the outer circle and inside this circle was a representation of a human DNA strand and some other weird symbol that Sarah couldn’t figure out.

“Weird.” Sarah thought as she continued to follow the green line noticing some of the rooms just had symbols on the doors but no names.

She quickly came to the end of the green line, which led into a room. Like all the other doors it had the symbol and on this door it said “CONFERENCE ROOM”. Keying the door Sarah walked in as it opened. In the room she saw Nikki and several other women standing around a very large table that had two-dozen chairs and they all looked at her when she walked in.

“Hi Sarah, grab a seat. Everyone, this is Sarah, our new RN. We just recruited her from Doctor Asshole.” Nikki said which resulted in a chuckle from all the other women at the table as they started to sit down too.

“So, they know that jerk that I worked for.” Sarah thought as she tried to suppress a grin from enjoyment in the fact that she was with others who felt the same way about him. Her attention was drawn to a woman she sat down next to with a nametag that read “Catherine, DSc” (DSc – Doctor of Science) that Sarah recognized but she remembered not to say anything about it.

“Oh I bet he hated it when we recruited her away.” Catherine said in a British accent. “When that bloody bastard isn’t stealing his subordinates’ ideas as his own he has them doing all the work then takes credit for everything.”

Catherine looked to be in her late thirties (she had just recently turned thirty-nine) and was quite the hot MILF though she didn’t deliberately go for that look, wore glasses, had blue-gray eyes, brunette hair in a bobbed haircut, stood a bit over 5’9”, and was quite curvy in the classic hourglass figure even in the bland gray dress with her boobs being a bit larger than average. Sarah remembered back in her junior year at college when Catherine had come to the school on a lecture tour and got to sit in on one of the lectures. The lecture had been very interesting especially since Catherine was the leading expert in her field of science, xenobiology. As a matter of fact she had been the first to be certified as DSc in xenobiology. She had graduated from Oxford at twenty-two with several doctoral degrees in various fields of biology and had been immediately recruited by the UESA to go as part of a team to survey the first Class M planet that had been discovered. Catherine had literally written the book on xenobiology and her research & studies were the basis for all xenobiology courses taught.

“Boy, I’m feeling really under-qualified for this job.” Sarah thought when realizing that she’d be working with Nikki and Catherine.

Nikki then told Sarah the team leader Stephanie was currently off base and would return in a few days. She was currently working with the UE government for recruiting some more members to the team and arranging with the UESA for shipment of some more specimens. This made Sarah curious and wondered if they had found a possible cure with off world life forms. She didn’t ask that question right now, she let Nikki introduce everyone and Sarah figured Nikki would let her know when she could ask questions.

“And finally, this is Becky.” Nikki said pointing to a beautiful woman. Becky looked to be around Sarah’s age (she was actually a year older), had reddish-orange hair that had the back half of her hair done in a ponytail which hung a few inches past her shoulders, wore horn rimmed glasses, had green eyes, around an inch and a half shorter than Sarah, her boobs were around average, and was wearing a nametag that said “Becky, IT”. “She handles all our IT support here from installing the computers and software, writing software we need, fixing the entertainment systems in our rooms, designing electronic equipment, and any other tech support we need.”

“Whatever you do,” Catherine leaned over and whispered to Sarah, “don’t get her talking about those old sci-fi TV shows or sci-fi movies.”

“What are you telling her Catherine?” Becky asked as Sarah saw all the other women roll their eyes. “I’ll bet you’re telling her not to get me talking sci-fi. Hey, sci-fi is great especially a lot of the stuff from the 20th and early 21st century. Look at Star Wars, the original movies not the other ones that they made which began the story. The original movies were a terrific story where they created great special effects, granted quite primitive compared to today, but great for their day to go with the movies. The ‘first three episodes’” Becky said using her fingers as quotation marks “were stories written to go with ‘modern’ special effects they had developed making the movies really lousy since they were focusing on the special effects and not the story. Doctor Who, probably one of the most under appreciated but most important sci-fi TV shows there was. It set the stage for other sci-fi series to be developed especially the best sci-fi series ever, Star Trek. The original not the additional series they made though they were quite good too though they had some issues as were the movies too until they got to those pieces of CRAP that they made to ‘REVITALIZE’ the series! I hope that J.J. Abrams IS BURNING IN HELL FOR RAPING IT LIKE HE DID!!!”

“Becky, let’s not make Sarah regret taking this job in the first few hours that she’s here. She’ll have plenty of time to listen to your views on sci-fi like we all have.” Nikki said as Becky went red in embarrassment as she realized she had been rambling yet again.

“Don’t worry Sarah,” Catherine said in a sympathetic tone, “like the rest of us you’ll get use to Becky’s rants and grow to love her like we all do.”

All the other women around the table laughed at this as Becky smiled though she was still blushing. Patting Becky’s shoulder in a sympathetic fashion Nikki continued talking.

“Oh, this is mainly for Becky but also applies to the rest of you as well. Stephanie has worked out with the government for you to continue ordering your action figures. Sarah, wait until you visit Becky’s quarters here. She has action figures from all the old sci-fi TV shows and movies all over her quarters.”

“Not from the ‘revitalized’ Star Trek movies.” Becky meekly said as the other women all laughed with Sarah beginning to think she was really going to enjoy working here. It seemed a very good work environment where they all did get along quite well.

“Let either Stephanie or myself’ Nikki continued, “know if there are any catalogs that you really like ordering from. The government will print off hard copies and fly them in with our normal supply runs. Fill out what you want and they’ll fly the orders out and the government will place them withdrawing the money from your salary. What you’ve ordered will go through screening and then be sent here.”

Nikki continued that they could now also communicate with the outside world but asked that they keep it to immediate family and their closest friends and, of course, not say anything about what they’re doing. They could type up on their computers or handwrite letters, which would be read and censored by designated personnel on the base upstairs. The letters would be retyped, printed out, and delivered. They could respond by sending an e-mail to an address where they’d be read by censors, printed off, and then delivered here on normal supply runs. A cheer went up from the women with this news.

“All right Sarah.” Nikki said looking at her. “I’ll start filling you in on what you’ll be doing here. You’ll be assisting us in medical experiments plus you’ll also be the immediate health care provider if we get sick or injured. Anything we can’t handle down here will immediately be sent upstairs to the medical clinic on the base. They’re staffed twenty-four hours, are better equipped than most hospitals, and can handle almost any emergency. Anything they can’t handle we have medical emergency evac ready to fly. And this is for everyone and even though I’ve said it before I’ll keep saying it. We all need to watch out for each other to make certain we don’t work ourselves to death. We might not notice we’re not well ourselves but other will notice. Won’t do humanity any good if we get sick because we don’t realize we’re getting sick or are ill.”

“Yes mother.” Catherine said with a look of mischief in her eye.

“Oh don’t you start Catherine.” Nikki said with a humorous tone. “You’re older than I am and you’re the mother hen around here. She really is Sarah and everyone here will agree.

“Anyway, as you’ve probably figured out we’re one of the groups working on solving the human extinction problem.” Nikki said in a very serious tone now and Sarah saw all the other women take on a very serious look. “H.G.P.P. stand for the Human Genome Preservation Project. Each team out there that has been set up is called that but each has their own unique symbol to differentiate the which project it is. We think we actually have the best chance of solving the problem of all the different solutions that are being worked on.”

“Nikki, I’m sorry to interrupt but I’ve got to ask you something.” Sarah said in an apologetic tone. “Why are there no men at the base above us or here? All I’ve seen are women. Why?”

“I’m about to get to that Sarah and I really do understand your curiosity on this.” Nikki said. “Our ‘guests’ don’t care for men and become quit agitated.”

“Guests?” Sarah said.

“Yes, ‘guests’.” Nikki said. “They’re our best hope for solving the human extinction problem. On one of the Class M planets discovered we found the male alien animals on the planet had a unique capability that Catherine discovered. Their sperm has an interesting mimicry capability, it can emulate and impregnate any species using the female’s own DNA.”

“Wait, we’re planning on using alien animal DNA to keep the human race going?” Sarah said in a state of shock.

“As of now, yes, that’s what we’re looking at doing unless some other means can be found.” Catherine said.

“Our children will be aliens!” Sarah said in a disgusted tone.

“No, not quite.” Nikki said as she motioned for Sarah to be quiet and to listen. “From what has been discovered an experiments with Earth animals the female offspring come out 100% of the mother’s species. Their DNA shows no sign of the alien father’s DNA. I can tell by the look on your face you’re thinking ‘What about the male offspring?’ That’s the problem. They come out as the alien father’s species.”

“What we’re working on is using the in vitro fertilisation and the gestation chambers that they developed towards the end of the 21st century to allow women who could produce eggs but couldn’t carry to have children. We’ll ferilize eggs and grow the ones that are females.” Catherine explained.

“So male humans will become extinct but female humans will survive?” Sarah asked in shock.

“For one generation.” Catherine said. “The females that are born in this process should be free of the virus effects thus we can use the human sperm that’s stored to impregnate them thus the human race continues as normal after one generational ‘hiccup’.

“The only issue so far is we’re having the same problem getting the alien sperm to fertilize the eggs just like human sperm. I’m working on that with the others and we’re certain we can resolve it. We’re looking at fresher samples of sperm now. Initially the exploration team would get samples, freeze them for transport, and fly them to here. We’ve recently started bringing in some of the smaller alien animals to here to get fresh samples. It looks promising and we’re thinking that the larger alien animals’ sperm will give us a beter chance of success. That’s one of the things Stephanie is working on, arranging for the delivery of the larger animals.”

“So what does that have to do with only having women here?” Sarah asked.

“Well, that was one of the things was discovered when some of these specimens were first brought to Earth. The animals were quite docile and friendly on their homeworld and here on Earth when females of their species were present. Once they were taken away the alien male animals became quite aggressive and hostile around human males other than brief encounters even those within a few miles but not females. It was speculated that they then saw human males as potential rivals so the best course of action was to have all female staff. The males seem to easily adopt to any environment but the females require high maintenance out of their natural environment which is why we just don’t keep females of the species here.”

“Now do you see why there is so much secrecy and no last names?” Nikki asked Sarah. “The population would probably be outraged, panic would occur, and worlwide riots would break out. We want to try to stay as anomynous as possible so people don’t come after us or our families out of retaliation or blind fear.”

“Eventually they’ll probably find out but by then the government will have prepared them for it. Of course we’re hoping they’ll never find out the whole truth.” Catherine said to Sarah.

Sarah was still feeling somewhat shocked by this discovery but realized there was probably no other choice. If the human race was to survive this might be the only option. They continued to explain things to Sarah including the fact that this facility had been one of many built in remote locations around the world and on the moon shortly after the discovery of FTL as containment facilities for alien life forms that could be discovered. This was the largest of the facilities built and had been designed for intelligent alien life forms if any were ever found. It had been in a mothball status with just a maintenance crew until it was decided to research these alien animals and start experimenting with them. They were still in the process of getting the facility setup. The U.E. Army battalion that was stationed above ground besides the company of infantry consisted of a company of engineers to help set stuff up along with various detachments of other support personnel like medical and administration. Outside of a few of the Army medical doctors all the other officers above the rank of captain at the base were either special operations or military intelligence with the base commander, a colonel, being a military intelligence officer.

A month had gone by since Sarah had first arrived at the H.G.P.P. facility and the first load of the larger alien animals had been flown in two days ago and were currently in Storage Bay 1 in their cages. They were keeping them in the storage bay in low light to get them use to their new environment. The shuttlecraft that had flown them in from the starship and brought the shuttle into the hangar so the soldiers never saw what was being carried. The shuttle crew downloaded them onto the elevator and brought them to the storage bay helping the staff at the facility download the cages.

Sarah had to admit the larger alien animals were rather scary looking but were quite docile which she was thankful for. The smaller ones were kind of cute looking in their own strange way but she still had the feeling she wouldn’t want to meet one in a dark alley. All of the women working in the H.G.P.P. underground facility had to come to the storage bay when the animals arrived. Nikki and Stephanie wanted everyone to see the animals and start getting use to them. Besides Catherine, Nikki, and Stephanie all of the other women felt similar to Sarah about them being scary looking. At the moment though Sarah wasn’t thinking about this as her, Stephanie, and Nikki walked into one of the labs.

“BLOODY HELL!!! IT FAILED AGAIN!!!” Catherine yelled.

“Definitely not good.” Sarah thought. “This isn’t the calm, dignified, and formal Catherine I’ve come to know over this last month.”

“Calm down Catherine.” Stephanie said. “It’s only been two days since the animals arrived. You can’t solve the problem in two days.”

Sarah looked over at Stephanie, while Nikki was the scientific leader here Stephanie was in charge overall. When she finally got back to the site a few days after Sarah had arrived it was another one of the situations where she had to bite her tongue. Sarah couldn’t believe who she was looking at when she first saw Stephanie walking in wearing the white sneakers they all usually wore and a standard gray UESA jumpsuit that had a UESA nametag above her left breast pocket and a nametag that said Stephanie above her right breast pocket. She was about the same height as Sarah, perhaps just a tad taller and had boobs roughly the same size as Sarah’s.


Not saying anything about who this thirty-two year old woman was proved to be quite hard. After all, Sarah had grown up seeing Stephanie’s pictures all over the place. The daughter of one of the discoverers of FTL who had been piloting FTL ships most of her life. It was in all of the history of FTL when as a child she had accompanied her father to the lab one day and the team was working on a flight simulator for a FTL ship. It proved quite tricky in the early staged of development to pilot a FTL ship once it warped past the speed of light. There had been a good number of accidents in those days but, fortunately, no fatalities as spaceship pilots learned to navigate FTL trainers.

Stephanie had been watching them giving one of their most experienced pilot all of his instructions on the changers to the controls they had made hoping to make flying it easier and his multiple attempts in the simulator with most of them ending catastrophically, hence why they built the simulator. As he left the simulator at the end of his session to review with the development team the data no one noticed Stephanie walking into the simulator. She thought she could fly it since it was so easy and couldn’t understand why they were having problems. At first they panicked when they realized she was locked in the simulator playing with it, they feared she’s wreck this multi-million-credit machine. Then, to their amazement, they saw she was actually flying it and doing maneuvers no one thought possible.

It turned out Stephanie was a child prodigy when it came to piloting FTL ships. Somehow her brain easily grasped the concepts and soon they had her piloting actual test ships. Studying how she flew them and her explanations as to how she could do it led to the development of the flight programs all FTL starship pilots went through. It was her too that when as a young adult proved them wrong when they said there was no way a FTL ship that traveled faster than warp four could be successfully flown. All their tests said a person wouldn’t be able to handle it. Stephanie studied the problem, made a few modifications to the controls, and proved it was possible thus now the standard speed for starships coming out of space docks was warp seven with emergency speeds of warp nine for limited periods. Scientists were certain they could get standard cruising speed up to eight or nine within the next several years but that wasn’t Stephanie’s’ concern anymore. Though still part of USEA she was now attached to H.G.P.P. to lead the efforts of this tem to try and save humanity.

All of the women, except Stephanie, were dressed in the standard gray dress, and white lab coats plus all of them had on the white sneakers except Sarah who had on black heelless slip-on shoes. Stephanie had on the UESA jumpsuit along with white sneakers though she sometimes wore high heel shoes like the other women that were here when Sarah first arrived. She remembered laughing when she had asked why they sometimes wore heels since it seemed impractical and Catherine had responded, “Sometimes here you have to remind yourself that you’re still a woman.”

“But you don’t understand Stephanie,” Catherine said in a rejected tone, “I should have been able to fertilize some eggs by now but it’s not working. I thought fresh sperm would work from the larger ones but it’s not. Just like the clean human sperm that’s in storage, it won’t fertilize human eggs!”

“We’ll solve the problem soon.” Nikki said. “Now, what time did you come in this morning?”

“About half an hour ago.” Catherine responded.

“Bull!” Stephanie responded. “You were seen coming back into the lab within half an hour after you were supposed to be off shift! I checked the keycard log on the computer. You’ve been in here all night.”

“You’ve been my dear friend for over a decade now so I can say this. You’re not going to help anyone or save humanity if you burn yourself out you stupid fool! Now take these.” Nikki said as Sarah held out a couple of pills in a container and a glass of water.

“What are they?” Catherine asked.

“Sleeping pills and you’re taking them here and now so we’re certain you took them.” Sarah said. “It’ll take a little bit for them to kick in so you can stop and get a bite to eat, get back to your quarters, shower, and go to bed. You need food and rest or you’ll burn out.”

Realizing she had been caught, Catherine took the pills and swallowed them. She handed the glass back to Sarah and stood there looking rejected and defeated.

“Catherine, we’ll solve the problem.” Nikki said as she gave her old friend a hug.

“Come on Catherine.” Stephanie said putting her arm over Catherine’s shoulder. “I haven’t had breakfast yet. I’ll go eat with you and walk you back to your quarters. You need rest and I don’t want to see you back here at work till the day after tomorrow.”

“Thanks everyone.” Catherine said sheepishly as her and Stephanie started to walk out glad that she had friends like this who cared about her.

“Hey, if friends we don’t watch out for each other who will?” Sarah said patting Catherine’s shoulder as she walked by.

Nikki and Sarah watched as the other two women walked out. Then Nikki started to read over Catherine’s notes and directed Sarah what items to put away and where, especially the perishable items, and what items to leave out that they would work on. The two of them worked for about an hour when Nikki was looking over some notes and checking lab reports on the computer.

“Hmm. These samples are over a day old.” Nikki said as she was jotting down something on a piece of paper. “I want to check on fresh samples. Sarah, head down to Storage Bay 1 and get these samples and scans from these two animals.”

Sarah took the piece of paper Nikki had written on and headed off to Storage Bay 1 following the yellow line that led to all the storage bays. As she headed there Sarah looked over Nikki’s instructions to see what she needed. It was just some scans and blood samples that she had to get. The blood draws didn’t seem to bother the animals at all and didn’t even seemed phase when it was drawn. They were all glad that the animals were all so docile since even the smallest ones were quite powerful and could possibly overpower the women if they wanted. As for now they were only bringing in the herbivore animals that dominated the planet. There were predator animals on the planet that were omnivores and carnivores but it was decided not to bring them to Earth yet. They kept the herbivores from overpopulating the planet and were quite vicious when going after the herbivores but didn’t display any aggression towards humans on their home planet and proved to be just as docile around humans as the herbivore animals were.

Sarah was just glad it wasn’t a sperm draw. That required two of them to do it and she found the animals seemed a little too eager when they walked in with the device that attached to their penises to draw and collect the sperm.

Getting to the correct storage bay Sarah grabbed one of the flashlights from the storage cupboard outside of the storage bay. They were still keeping the lights down to allow the animals to adjust. Sarah had been amazed by how “intelligent” the animals seemed to be. They were a bit more intelligent than primates like chimpanzees and quickly came to recognize the sperm collector and what it meant. They seemed to enjoy the act of orgasm and, even if they didn’t admit it, all of the women were slightly bothered and embarrassed when they had to perform this function.

Walking into the storage bay Sarah turned on the flashlight and could hear the animals stirring in their cages as they rushed to the front of the cages. Once they saw that Sarah didn’t have the sperm collector they went back to what they had been doing before she came in which was sleeping or eating the food in their cages. She walked up to the first cage pushing the cart with the scanner and the equipment to draw blood from the two animals Nikki wanted.

“Okay fellow, you’re first.” Sarah said as she punched in the access code to unlock the cage and then lifted the latch so she could open the door.

The animal looked up at Sarah as she walked into the cage. This one was around twelve feet long, a brownish/green in color, and could best be described as looking like a grub with seven short legs on each side, two eyes, a mouth, and four appendages around the mouth that he used, when necessary, to hold his head in place on a branch or tree while his three tongues stripped foliage off of plants. He went back to munching on the foliage that had been put into his cage earlier that morning as Sarah ran the scanner over him. Once that was done she then drew the blood, labeled the vial, and dropped the needle into the biowaste container on the cart. She then walked out of the cage and closed it just dropping the latch but not engaging the locking device figuring she’d engage it on the way out just in case Nikki decided she wanted more samples before Sarah left the storage bay.

Pushing the cart she headed over to the other animal that Nikki wanted samples from. Again she punched in the access code and lifted the latch to open the cage this animal was in. This cage wasn’t as big as the other cage so Sarah had to bend over as she walked in. As she did the animal looked up at her and rolled partially over exposing his genetilia to Sarah.

“Nope, just a scan and blood draw Horny Bastard.” Sarah said as she started the scan.

“Horny Bastard” is the nickname he had picked up in his few days here. This animal always seemed way to eager to have his sperm drawn. He was awfully hard to describe. The only way to possibly describe him was he had a mottle green tubular blobby body that was about eight feet long, had multiple appendages on his body resembling tent***es, two extensions from his front by his mouth that each contained a large reddish eye, and had four appendages around his mouth like the other one for the same reason. His penis was roughly in the middle of his body and was translucent brown with translucent yellowish-brown bumps while he had one testicle on his body just to the right of his penis.

Sarah took the scan and blood sample then stepped out of the cage to label the vial. She went to close the door of the cage but the animal blocked the way with one of his tent***es. He then walked part way out of the cage using his tent***e appendages and just lay down with part of his body outside of the cage.

“Guess I wouldn’t like being kept in a small cage either.” Sarah said to him. “All right, you can stay out while I process these but then you have to go back in.”

The animal just lay there as Sarah pushed the cart back to by the door where it was kept at. She hooked the scanner up to a computer and transferred the scans into a database. Then she took the vials with the blood samples and put them into a diagnostic machine that did all the analysis and would automatically dispose of the samples into biowaste if Sarah didn’t need to take them. Once that was done she went and dialed up the lab Nikki was in on the intercom system.

“Nikki, it’s all loaded. Is there anything else you want before I lock everything back up?” Sarah asked.

Nikki told her to wait a few moments while she checked the data. A few minutes later she told Sarah it was good and to dispose of the blood and head back to the lab. Sarah said she’d be there in several minutes once she got everything put away and secured. After a few minutes she had shut down the computer, typed in the command on the diagnostic machine to dispose of the blood vials, and secured the gear she had gotten inside of the lab. Grabbing the flashlight she headed back to get “Horny Bastard” back into his cage and lock the two cages up.

“Okay, back into the cage.” Sarah said as she clapped her hands. He looked at her and rolled over exposing his penis to her again but this time it was fully erect. “No! No sperm draw. Get back into your cage you damn pervert.”

The animal just continued to look at her with his penis exposed and Sarah was becoming a little bit irritated with him. She didn’t want to go and have to get the prod that they had in case the animals didn’t want to cooperate. So far they never had to use it and none of the women wanted to if they could avoid it. As she stood there pondering whether or not she should go get the prod Sarah happened to take a really good look at his penis. She had never really paid that much attention before to it before especially when it was fully erect. His penis looked to be about eleven inches long and four inches in diameter.

“I’ll give you this,” Sarah muttered to him, “that’s one impressive cock you’ve got. No wonder you always seem so horny.”

The animal now crawled all of the way out of his cage and Sarah barely noticed, she had become transfixed on his penis. Sarah couldn’t explain what caused her to do this or why but she reached down with her right hands and gently ran her fingers over his penis causing the animal to shudder. Licking her lips Sarah found herself slowly becoming excited by the sight of his penis and stroked it again with her hand this time getting a clear slimy substance on her palm and fingers. This was a coating that all the alien male animals produced over their penises to ease with sliding them in for mating purposes, sort of a natural lubricant. With this type of animal the lubricant came from the bumps on his penis.

Granted, Sarah hadn’t seen a man since coming here a month ago and hadn’t had the chance to date the last several months while she was at her previous job because of how busy she had been kept at work. Still, she had been without a man this long before and it had never affected her before. Why was she becoming turned on now?

What Sarah didn’t realize was that these animals used a pheromone to attract mates. With their own species of animals the pheromones worked almost immediately but they were also capable of breeding with the other species of animals on their home planet. With the other species of animals they’d have to adjust their pheromones to attract that species and that would take several hours but with humans it was different. They couldn’t adjust as quickly for them and it had taken a few days but now Horny Bastard had gotten the right pheromone.

“What am I doing?” Sarah thought as she took off her lab coat and tossed it to the side of the cage. “Don’t do this. IT’S INSANE!”

There would be no stopping her though, Sarah would be Horny Bastard’s first human! She quickly undid her dress and pulled it off over her head. In her eagerness she ended up knocking off her glasses but managed to catch them and set them down with her dress by the lab coat. In a few more moments Sarah had undone the dark blue bra and panties she had on tossing them with her other clothes. Sarah was now standing there nude except for her shoes and for the garter on her left leg.

“Don’t do this Sarah. This isn’t right. It’s wrong in so many ways. It’s bestiality for God’s sake!” Sarah thought to herself in disgust at what she was about to do but she couldn’t bring herself to stop.

Seeing that she was going to succumb to him and mate, the animal rolled over onto his back so Sarah could straddle him and lower herself down. He then bent himself up so he was in a sitting position. Sarah just knew what he wanted and she quickly straddled his body positioning herself right above his large penis. Reaching down with her right hand she grabbed his penis to steady it and positioned herself so her pussy was right above it. Feeling the tip of it against her pussy lips Sarah braced herself.

“Okay Horny Bastard. We’re going to have to take this slowly. I’ve never had anything this big in me before.” Sarah said to him for some strange reason thinking he’d understand her. “Thank God you’ve got your own lube.”

Slowly Sarah slid her pussy lips down over the tip of his penis. Her face grimaced a bit from the pain as she slid more of his penis into her. Sarah was making slight whimpering noise as she slowly continued to slide his penis further into her pussy as she started to breathe heavily from the pain. By the time she got three inches of his penis into her Sarah was sounding like she was on the verge of hyperventilating from the rapidness of her breathing. She wondered how much worse this would be if his penis wasn’t covered in the natural lubricant. At this point she stopped sliding down onto it to give her pussy a chance to adjust to it and catch her breath before continuing. Not realizing what Sarah was doing and fearing she’d stop, the animal grabbed her head with the four appendages around its mouth and some of its tent***e limbs to hold her in place and continue to slide her down onto her penis.

“NO!!! OH GOD, STOP!!!” Sarah screamed. “IT HURTS!!! YOU’RE GOING TO SPLIT ME OPEN!!!”

The alien animal suddenly realized from her voice she was in pain and stopped though it still held her in place.

“I want to fuck that wonderful cock of yours but we need to do this slowly.” Sarah said as she whimpered in pain. A few more minutes went by and Sarah felt the pain had eased a bit and her breath was back.

“Okay, let’s try this again.” Sarah said as she started to slowly slide down onto his slimy penis.

Satisfied that she wanted to mate, the animal let go of her as Sarah slowly continued to slide more of his penis into her. As she did this, Sarah wrapped her arms around him to help steady herself. His warm, soft body felt good against her bare skin and helped ease the pain she was feeling. This time she was determined to get his penis all the way in without stopping for a break. She continued to whimper and sound like she was on the verge of hyperventilating as more of his penis slid into her. In a little bit she had gotten over eight inches into her but wanted to stop to rest.

“Don’t worry when I scream. It’s not you.” Sarah said as she softly stroked him to try and keep him calm.

Sarah then howled in pain as she slammed the rest of his penis into her. She then started to softly bawl as her poor pussy tried to adjust to the alien animal’s large dick. He knew she was in pain and didn’t want to do anything else to her that could hurt her so he just let her sit there with his penis all the way in her pussy. It felt terrific to him and he wanted to start humping away so as to enjoy the pleasure of mating but didn’t.

“Okay. Okay. I’m ready now.” Sarah said after a minute or two and she started to ride his penis.

Realizing she was ready, the animal started to hump away at her pussy. He leaned forward pushing Sarah back a bit so she ended up in a sitting position where she didn’t have to do anything but sit there. The animal was doing all the work humping away at her pussy and all Sarah had to do was sit there and enjoy it!

“Oh yes.” Sarah moaned as the look on her face and the sound of her voice began to change from pain and discomfort to joy and pleasure. “That feels good, really good.”

Sarah’s pussy was becoming use to the large dick and it was feeling nice. It was so large that it was rubbing every portion of the inside of her pussy and the bumps on his penis made it feel even better and more arousing.

“God yes, fuck me. It feels so damn good. Don’t you stop you wonderful horny bastard. FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!!” Sarah screamed.

She hoped that Horny Bastard was enjoying this as much as she was and wanted to make certain he was. Thinking of what guys she had sex with liked, Sarah reached down with her left hand and gently grabbed his testicle. Sarah then softly started to squeeze and stroke it causing the animal to shudder in pleasure. He had never had anything like this done to him before and it felt so pleasing. He then reached out with the short tent***e appendage on his upper right side, grabbed Sarah’s left boob, and started to grope it out of curiosity never seeing this before on a female. As he did Sarah moaned loudly in pleasure and thought she was going to fall backwards so she quickly grabbed the back of his head with her right hand to steady herself. He had never felt anything like this before and it felt so soft and good plus Sarah seemed to enjoy it so he continued to grope away.

While all of this was going on Nikki was still waiting for Sarah to get back to the lab and was wondering what was taking so long? She called Sarah over the intercom to the storage bay but Sarah was so engrossed in having sex with the alien animal she hadn’t even noticed Nikki’s voice on the intercom. Checking the use of her key card Nikki saw that Sarah hadn’t left Storage Bay 1. Again she tried to call but Sarah still didn’t hear her. Concerned that something had happened Nikki headed to Storage Bay 1 to see if Sarah was all right. When she left the lab she didn’t even realize she still had paperwork in her hand. All sorts of worst-case scenarios went through her mind; there had been an accident with the equipment injuring Sarah, maybe one of the animals had attacked her, perhaps she had a heart attack or seizure. Nikki hoped it was just something stupid like the intercom had gone out and Sarah was having issues at getting everything put away. She even thought she might run into Sarah in the hallway but she reached the door to Storage Bay 1 and hadn’t.

“Damn Sarah.” Nikki thought to herself. “What the hell has happened to you?”

As she keyed the door Nikki wondered if she should call for help now but figured wait until she got inside to see what was going on. After all, if it were something stupid Nikki would feel like a fool. As the door opened Nikki grabbed one of the flashlights and headed in. Shining the flashlight around she looked for Sarah and then heard a moaning coming from somewhere inside the storage bay.

“Oh my God!” Nikki thought terrified. “She must be hurt!”

Following the moaning Nikki rounded the corner around some cages and her flashlight helped further illuminate the scene in front of her. Of all the possibilities of what could have happened that went through Nikki’s mind this had never even entered as a possibility. In front of her was Sarah fucking one of the alien animals!

“Oh yes,” Sarah was moaning, “fuck me you wonderful thing. Fuck me with that terrific cock of yours. Fuck me till I cum. FUCK ME!!!”

Nikki went into a state of shock dropping the paperwork in her left hand and the flashlight in her right hand. The flashlight hit the floor with a metallic thud and slightly rolled away. By now the animals were all making some sort of noises in their cages as they became aroused from the scent of mating pheromones. What neither Nikki or Sarah had noticed was that the other cage that Sarah had been in earlier and hadn’t fully locked was now open. The alien creature in that cage had figured out how to open the latch using one of the appendages around his mouth and the door was now swinging open and he began to crawl out heading towards them.

“SARAH, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!?!” Nikki shouted in a shocked voice and Sarah finally realized she wasn’t alone.

“Oh Nikki, it feels so damn wonderful!” Sarah responded.

Nikki Just stood there still in a state shock at the view she was looking at. Sarah was moaning in pleasure and begging the animal to fuck her more without a care that Nikki was watching her. There seemed to be no shame or embarrassment from Sarah at this situation. Then Nikki watched as the animal’s one-foot long tongues, all three of them, came out and started to lick and wrap around Sarah’s right boob.

“Oh hell lover, that feels so damn good!” Sarah moaned and then screamed. “OH SHIT, I’M GOING TO CUM!!! OH GOD, YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!”

Sarah howled in pleasure as her orgasm struck. It was more intense than any she had ever had before in her life. Then the alien animal started to make a weird howling noise as he too had his orgasm and he shot load after load of his jizz into Sarah. Sarah could feel each powerful spurt shooting into her pussy as her belly became slightly bulged from the dick in her and the sperm filling her up.

All Nikki could do was stand there watching in shock wondering what the hell she was supposed to do. Did she need to punish Sarah for this and if so how; reprimand her, fine her, fire her? There was nothing like this in the rules and regulations covering this facility or the H.G.P.P. or in the contract Sarah signed. No one had ever considered that one of the women would have sex with the alien animals. This was absolutely disgusting and Nikki found it repulsive as well but couldn’t look away. She just stood there staring in a perverse fascination not realizing the pheromones were beginning to affect her as well.

By now the other animal was almost behind Nikki who had yet to notice he was loose. She was too busy watching Sarah and the other animal finishing up their orgasms to realize it.

“Oh my God, that was fantastic!” Sarah said as the animal slowly pulled his penis out of her pussy allowing a lot of his sperm to ooze out and her stomach to shrink back down to normal.

“Sarah, what the hell were you thinking?” Nikki said in a disgusted and shocked tone. “I don’t know what to do with you. We’re going to have to talk about this with the others. OH SHIT!!!”

Nikki finally had realized that the other animal was behind her. She spun around to see the animal rearing up and Nikki screamed in terror. The animal lunged at her with its four appendages around its mouth to grab her but Nikki managed to jump back. The animal tried to readjust his grab but only managed to grab the front of her dress with one of his appendages. This caused the dress to tear open part way down revealing the fact that Nikki wasn’t wearing a bra today. It hadn’t been obvious since the lab coat had covered her boobs. Now those same nice set of boobs and nipples were exposed.

Trying to get away from the animal Nikki tried to jump back but lost her balance and fell onto her ass. Again Nikki let out a scream as the animal advanced towards her.

“Nikki, don’t worry. He just wants to have sex with you. Go ahead, it’ll be fun.” Sarah said as knelt down by the animal she had just been fucked by and started to stroke his penis that had gone limp. “Come on big boy. I’m not done with you yet.”

“You’ve gone mad!” Nikki yelled at Sarah.

Nikki did see that Sarah was right, the animal obviously wanted to have sex with her. He had a fully erect penis that looked to be as thick as the other animal’s but was at least a foot long. Even if she did want to have sex with the animal Nikki didn’t think there was anyway she could fit something that big in her pussy. Granted, she had played with some big toys over the years (especially these last two years since she had no time for a sexual relationship with a man) but nothing this big!

His penis was located centered on his body where his third pair of legs was located. It had a series of bumps on it as well just like the other animal. Despite her fear Nikki couldn’t help but stare at his large penis. The pheromones that he, along with the rest of the animals, were now producing were beginning to affect Nikki. The animal advanced towards Nikki and she was still fearful. In an attempt to keep him back Nikki put her feet up to try and push him away. The animal had way too much of a weight advantage over Nikki and she found her feet climbing up the front of the animal since the floor was nonskid and she couldn’t slide away.

While this was going on Sarah was busy stroking her animal’s penis with both of her hands as it got firmer and firmer. With its flexible body the animal had rolled back over onto his stomach and then sat up distributing most of his lower mass out into a blob. His penis was already covered in the jizz and Sarah’s pussy juices plus more of the lube was coming out of his bumps. Sarah caught of scent of all of this and it smelt rather nice to her. Curiosity got to be too much for her so she brought her right hand to her mouth and gave one of her fingers a slight lick. It tasted really good and Sarah the started to lick the animals penis. Never before had the animal have anything like this done to him. It was a strange behavior to him but it felt quite pleasing.

Meanwhile Nikki was still trying to keep the other animal away. In trying to keep him away she had ended up raising her ass up off the floor causing her dress to fall down to her stomach exposing the white panties with a little pink bow up front that she had on. Nikki was staring in total fascination at his penis now as the tip of it started to rub against the crotch area of her panties. The pheromones had finally gotten to Nikki and started to moan from the feeling of his penis rubbing against her.

“Let me get these out of the way.” Nikki said as she reached for her panties.

Grabbing them she got them down to about midway on her thighs exposing her shaved pussy when the animal thrust his body forward under her panties and across the lips of her pussy! Nikki’s legs were now flat up against the underside of the animal as he started to rub his penis vigorously against her pussy lips. When he did this Nikki let go of her panties as she used her arms to keep herself balanced.

“Hey, you can’t mount me that way. Well maybe you can but we’re not doing it that way!” Nikki said to him.

Reaching back up Nikki grabbed her panties and after a bit of struggle managed to get them off. It was fortunate for her that she was quite flexible from all of her years of doing yoga. The animal was still rubbing his penis against her pussy lips and it was getting her more and more excited from the feel especially the bumps. Nikki could also feel the slimy lube coming from the bumps covering his penis, which caused a further arousal in her.

At this point she didn’t want to wait anymore, she wanted his penis in her. Putting her hands on the floor and a bit of repositioning of her feet and legs Nikki was able to push herself away quite a bit from the animal so she was now laying on her back on the floor with her legs almost straight and the bottom of her feet against the animal. She then dropped her legs down to the floor and spread them wide. The animal seeing that she was submitting to mating quickly advanced straddling Nikki till the tip of his penis was pressing against her pussy lips. He then doubled over the front part of his body and grabbed her head with the four appendages around his mouth to hold her in place as he began to shove his penis into her pussy.

“OH SHIT!!! SLOWER, SLOWER!!!” Nikki wailed as he quickly started to shove it further and further in. “NO, STOP!!! IT FUCKING HURTS!!!”

Her screaming and thrashing about told the animal something was wrong and he stopped shoving his penis in. He had gotten about four inches of his penis in when he stopped as Nikki sobbed and did her best to catch her breath. The animal still had Nikki’s head grasped in his appendages as she lay there.

“Nikki, just try and to relax.” Sarah said sympathetically in-between her licking of the other animal’s penis and sucking of the tip of it. “It’s going to hurt at first but it’ll feel so good in a little while.”

“But he’s so big!” Nikki whimpered.

“I don’t think you have much of a choice Nikki.” Sarah said.

Nikki realized Sarah was right, she was pinned under him and he had her head pretty securely grasped so she gritted her teeth and waited for it. Despite the pain Nikki wanted his penis in her so bad, she wanted him to fuck the crap out of her. Then she felt him starting to shove his penis back into her pussy but much more slowly this time.

“That’s it, slowly. Shove your dick slowly into me. Make it easier for me to take your great dick.” Nikki softly said to the animal.

It still hurt but the slower pace and the natural lube his penis produced made it much easier for her to take though she still groaned from the pain and gritted her teeth. He finally got as much of his penis into her as he could in this position with only around an inch left out.

“No. No. No. Don’t start fucking me yet.” Nikki pleaded as she wrapped her arms around as much of his body as she could to try and hold him in place. “Let me get use to that huge thing.”

It appeared to Nikki that the animal understood her because he didn’t start humping her. Instead he just stood there above her with his penis in her pussy. Nikki could feel her pussy stretching and becoming use to his large penis. After a minute or two she felt ready for him.

“Okay, lets do this.” Nikki said as she let go of the animal.

He knew she was ready now and the animal started to hump away. The feel of his penis fucking her was painful but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t deal with. Besides, despite the pain the pleasure she was feeling was greater so Nikki didn’t mind.

“That’s it. Oh, yes. Fuck me.” Nikki said to her alien animal lover as she ran her hands across his body enjoying the feel of her lover’s body against hers.

He slowly increased the rhythm of his fucking and Nikki moaned in delight. Still holding onto her head he shoved his three long tongues out and started to lick Nikki’s face. She moaned in delight and shoved her own tongue out and was licking his tongues as they crossed hers. He found this animal so different than the ones he was use to mating with, so much softer and lust driven than the ones on his planet. There with them it was a simple mating, here with these animals it was more. There was a desire from his mate that he had never experienced before.

As Sarah continued to give her alien animal lover a combination hand and blowjob along with playing with his testicle she smiled as she heard Nikki begging for her alien animal lover to fuck her. Sarah knew that Nikki would enjoy this as much as she was. It seemed to her that the two alien animals loved it just as much as the two of them were plus the other animals were quite excited by it as well.

“OH DEAR JESUS, I’M CUMMING!!!” Nikki screamed and then howled in delight.

The alien animal fucking her also started to make a weird howling noise as well. Nikki felt his jizz shooting into her stuffed pussy and it felt so weird. The feeling was unlike anything she had felt before and it was quite a weird sensation. It was so powerful and she could feel the swell in her belly from it but it felt good as she continued to scream and howl in pleasure.

Moments after Nikki and her lover started cumming the animal Sarah was working on started to cum. Sarah placed her mouth on the tip of his penis and tried to get all of the jizz he was shooting into her mouth. It felt like someone had a powerful hose that was shooting spurts of water into her mouth so it was impossible for her to take it all. Gobs of his jizz oozed from her mouth down onto the animal and floor.

The three of them that were cumming finally had their orgasms faded away. Once her lover was done Sarah stood up and shooed her alien animal lover back into his cage, which he did without any resistance and securely locked it. She then walked over to Nikki who was still lying on the floor breathing heavily and her lover who was still straddling her with his penis now limp. When Sarah started to shoo him he too went without any hesitation to his cage and she securely locked it too. As she walked back over to her clothes Sarah saw Nikki sitting up reaching for her panties.

“I’ve never had sex like that before!” Nikki gasped as she started to slip her panties back on.

“I know,” Sarah responded as she started to get dressed, “it was terrific! We’re going to have to go shower and get fresh clothes before we go back to work.”

The two of them got dressed and Nikki tried her best to cover up her torn dress and exposed boobs. Both of them hoped they wouldn’t run into anyone on their way back to the quarters. As they got ready to leave Nikki set the controls to do the automatic floor wash to start right after they left. Water would spray onto the floor from the hidden pipes scattered along the bases of the walls that would cover the floor and swirl down the drains cleaning them in the process removing the traces of the animals’ jizz on it.

Fortunately they managed to make it back to their quarters without running into any of the other women. After they showered and put on fresh clothes they met back in the lab. Both of them looked embarrassed and neither spoke for several minutes.

“I can’t believe we actually did that.” Sarah finally said. “What the hell was I thinking?”

“It’s not really your fault or mine Sarah.” Nikki responded. “Actually, it is mine and Catherine’s fault. We knew they used pheromones to attract other animals to mate with. We never thought they could use it to attract humans.”

“That’s what the hell happened?!” Sarah said shocked. “They used pheromones to seduce us!”

“I believe so.” Nikki replied. “At least from the studies that were done on them the pheromones are short lived after mating and have no affect when the mate is any distance away. It’s only when you’re within eight meters of them that the females become aroused by the pheromones.”

“Then why the hell do I want to go back and have sex with him?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know.” Nikki replied. “I want to go back and fuck him again as well. Maybe it’s the virus and everything else that’s happened has us stressed out and made us a bit horny.”

Sarah agreed that had to be the reason and then they realized they’ll have to do something tomorrow when the women who were detailed to do tomorrows feeding and rinsing of the cages and animals didn’t fall victim to the pheromones. Nikki figured if they wore a filter mask that it should work but they would have to figure out a reason to tell the women to wear it. At least they had the rest of the day to figure it out.

“At least one good thing. Their sperm hasn’t been fertilizing human eggs so they can’t get us pregnant.” Nikki said and the two of them laughed.

The day went on and the two of them continued to work with other women coming in and out working on the project as well. They broke for lunch and when they finished they headed back to the lab. As they did Nikki thought of something they might need but it was in the sickbay so asked Sarah to go get it. Sarah then went into the sickbay and got it but did a quick look to make certain everything else was in place and did a quick look over. When she got to one piece of equipment, a specific scanner, something Nikki had said came to mind.

“Wouldn’t that be ironic?” Sarah thought with a laugh.

She grabbed the scanner, turned it on, and ran it over herself. She then looked at the results.

“Oh shit.” Sarah whispered.

She then headed back to the lab with what Nikki asked her to get and the scanner. Walking into the lab Sarah saw it was just her and Nikki in the lab. She walked up to Nikki and ran the scanner over her.

“Sarah, what in the world are you doing?” Nikki asked recognizing the scanner and was confused why Sarah was scanning her with it.

Looking at the results Sarah then held it up so that Nikki could read it.

“Dear God!” Nikki muttered.

“So am I.” Sarah said.

“We’re pregnant!?” Nikki said in total amazement and shock.

The two of them just stood there looking at each other in shock not knowing what to think or do.

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