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K3: Prison of Hell 2009 - Uncensored - Ngục tù cưỡng bức - Germany

Thảo luận trong 'Phim Cấp 3 link nhanh - Cat 3 Movies' bắt đầu bởi gadaubac, 23/6/11.

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  1. gadaubac

    gadaubac . Verified

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    1290- K3: Prison of Hell (2009) - Uncensored


    Title: K3: Prison of Hell
    AKA: -
    Year: 1957
    Original title: K3: Prison of Hell
    Runtime: 1 hour 45 minutes
    Country: Germany
    Language: German
    Subtitles: English (hardsub)
    Genre: Action | Thriller | Adult | Sexploitation

    Director: Andreas Bethmann


    Andreas Bethmann
    Thomas Goldmann
    Jana Lastovichova
    Anna Sochorova
    Candy Sue

    Plot / Synopsis

    Prison of Hell follows three girls who attempt to escape an island-based prison complex known as K3. One girl is the plaything of the female Head Warden; who uses her for hew own twisted lesbian kicks. The other is a defiant young inmate who the prison doctor and Sub Warden use to star in porn films. Our final Dillinger is the prison therapist, Jennifer (star of the Knastjulen films). She is fed up with the atrocities being committed by the staff, like fisting a virgin prisoner and the doctor giving vaccinations via blowjobs. The amateur film makers leave their star in the woods to be eaten by the animals; only she escapes. At the same time, the Warden's girlfriend makes a break for it too; and, you guessed it, Jennifer fleas as well. With the three girls unknowingly in the woods with each other, the staff believe this was a coordinated event. When one is captured, they torture her for information she doesn't know, resulting in 30 minutes of the most realistic violence ever put on film! Bethmann stars as the doctor, and he's a slime bag extraordinaire. The warden and Sub Warden are pretty vile, but Bethmann steals the show as Dr. Bertucci (an alias he used to direct hardcore films for years). Only Jenifer and the prison staff are returning actors, and the fresh faces are nice to see; because most of his stars are very, very grungy looking. With the first hour or so being almost entirely hardcore (with some "Asian inspired" torture thrown in to boot), that might put most people off. Fear not, because the last half hour is nonstop violence. The effects are done by SFX maestro Olaf Ittenbach, and the prolonged torture scene at the end (dished out by "Pete-Scissor-Hands" ) is one of the most realistic things I have ever seen! You can actually see the tension build on the flesh before the blade goes in; and the actress shamelessly pisses herself in graphic detail. This is 100% pure exploitation gold, and if you don't like hardcore too much, but love gore; see this! The last half hour is worth the price alone; and this is easily my favorite Bethmann film.



    Password unlock:lauxanh.us
    Phụ đề : http://subscene.com/
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 19/7/11
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  2. dhuy1475369

    dhuy1475369 Chơi gái lần đầu Verified

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    Phim rất hay, phải nói đây là thể loại sex kinh dị ghê nhất mình từng xem. Thanks gadaubac !!! Nếu dược bạn có thể gởi cho mình những phim cùng thể loại này dược ko hihi xem rất kích thích :d
  3. khongthequenduoc

    khongthequenduoc Còn Bú Sữa Mẹ Verified

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